How politics causes depression: Senkaku/Diaoyu disputes

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No, this is not a scientific study on how politics causes depression. This is my story of how my fragile mind was sent tumbling into darkness and seclusion in late 2012.

Looking back at it now, I have always had mild symptoms of depression and anxiety but politics was what truly sent me to the darkest places I have ever been. It is vague and incorrect for me to label this as ‘politics’. When I say ‘politics’ I refer to Continue reading

“There is nothing more dangerous than armed men with utopian dreams.”

“There is nothing more dangerous than armed men with utopian dreams.”

I couldn’t agree more. The man has some interesting things to say but the well produced video seems to be a load of junk. He’s intellectual and has received a ton of hits but the proposed outcome of revolution would be impossible. The proposed revolution is over-simplified. Is it suggesting a communist regime can survive in co-operation and alongside a free market economy?

“It’s a simple concept, one that has been applied many times throughout history. The most striking example however is the Iroquois Federation, which unified 6 tribes each with their own cultures and traditions. The Iroquois Federation existed before the arrival of Columbus and lasted until 1779 when they were conquered militarily by the U.S.. Many historians believe that the Iroquois Federation served as the original inspiration for the united states. The most striking difference being that the Iroquois Federation never had a central government. No one at the top had the power to force the member tribes to do anything whatsoever, and yet this system worked well. So clearly this is not a utopian fantasy. It is a viable option, and it’s the only option that can be enacted on a voluntary basis.”

What if radical supremacist elements develop in local governments attempting to invade the other nations? What if a nation collapses economically? Surely there will be mass emigration to the wealthier nations once a nation suffers (think something along the lines of socialism corrupted)? Surely if there is no central government they are weaker and less co-ordinated against foreign attack?

What do you think?

Revisionist PM Abe shames Japan


Yasukuni Shrine” by MIKI Yoshihito is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Being half Japanese, I feel ashamed of my government.

On December 26th 2013 Prime Minister Shinzo Abe decided it was an appropriate time to head down to Yasukuni Shrine to honour the war dead, (which includes Korean and Taiwanese soldiers I believe) which in itself is not an offensive gesture. Many countries around the world remember the innocent civilians who died in war. The problem, however, stems from the fact that the Yasukuni also enshrines hundreds of convicted WWII criminals including 14 so called Class-A war criminals. Among them names such as wartime general Hideki Tojo. Continue reading