This blog is a kind of personal thought diary, but I would hope that my musings also reach out and connect with other people on the web. Ultimately, my goal is to inspire some sort of intellectual thought or consideration from my readers.

Suffering from depression and living in communist China for the last half a decade or so has been the ideal environment for my political and philosophical contemplations. On top of all the ‘conventional’ features of a authoritarian regime (media censorship, propaganda, abuse of human rights) I have witnessed living in China, my confusing mixed Japanese-Chinese heritage has been thrown into the equation and has further made me consider political questions including the role of government and nationality. For those who are unaware (many indeed are – even the foreign expats living here) it is no exaggeration to say that Japanese nationals are discriminated against in China. At times, I live in fear.

My blogging will not be just restricted to my Chinese experience. This blog is concerned with my personal musings on all things extending from politics, history, current affairs, mental health and anything that may interest me…possibly even chess.(Chess fan? Shoot me a message and we can start a game!)

If you want to email me personally you can reach me at deliverutopia@gmail.com


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